Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great-Grandpa Doil

Great-Grandpa Doil will be missed greatly.
Thomas and I were very lucky to get to see him a few short weeks ago and get to take these pictures with him. They are awesome and certainly show his personality!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Long Time No Post

Sorry for such a long delay in posting pictures...the last month has been a whirl wind! Thomas and I went to South Carolina for several days in early November, then Thanksgiving swept in a lovely week with Tommy's parents and sister, and then we just returned from a quick weekend in Baltimore/D.C.. I am going to do my best to get the blog up to date this week! Above is a picture of me and Sammie the dog, my Aunt Denyse and Uncle Rick's uber cute puppy! She and Thomas got along just swimmingly!!!

While in S.C. Thomas and I went to the Riverbanks Zoo with our cousin Becky (above), our friend Beth and her daughter Charlotte. Not sure Thomas really cared about the animals but he had a fantastic time running around the zoo.

Thomas and I with Beth and Charlotte.

Charlotte holding on tight to Thomas so he doesn't topple off the lion.

We were also lucky enough to see some of my Grandpa Aron's family while in Columbia. Above is Grandpa Aron, Thomas and cousins Corey and Ian.

This is Thomas, Grandpa Aron and his Mom Great-grandma Betty...wonder where the blonde hair color comes from?!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Monday after Thomas' birthday party the poor thing got sick. He ran a high fever all day long and was in my arms the entire day. He literally never took a single step...poor thing.

He did let Grandpa hold him for a few minutes so I could get a bathroom break...but I think it was only so he could play with Grandpa's beard.

Thomas is already taking after Steve and picking the Redskins!
A gift from Steve's Mom, Dr. Donlon. Thank you!

Poor dog! She puts up with so much.

ND is #1! Thank's Steve and Jess...he carries it around the living room, super cute!

Motorcycle Man

Sitting still with Mom (for a few seconds).

Showing Grandma Paulette his caterpillar.

"The Flash". Seriously I think this shirt makes him faster! Thank you Clarks!

Playing on the floor with Dad.

The Tingler's got him this musical caterpillar when he was just a month or so old. He has always loved it and it has always calmed him down. Still one of his all time favorite toys and still calms him down!

Shaking his Duplo blocks with Grandma. These blocks still have not made it out of their bags because he loves to carry them around and shake them.

Jeanita, Miss. Becky and Ashlyn sent him a box of fun for his birthday. Literally the first thing he did was this! Grab the ball and stick it straight into his mouth! Thank you all he LOVES everything...particularly the balls!


This was his Halloween day shirt. I am really into dinosaurs right now! ROAR

Ryan, Kira and Mia came over to take some Halloween pictures.

A monkey and his pumpkin.
(actually his rotted a little early so really this is Mable's pumpkin)

Swinging monkey!

This is the Mom/Baby Group we go to on Tuesday. Just in case you can't tell, Thomas is the screaming monkey in the corner!

Runaway monkey.

Monkey and Kitty.

Mable was a very tolerant banana, even when Thomas the Monkey tried to peel her!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthday Party

Thomas' first birthday party was last Sunday, October 18th. We had a great time and are very thankful for those that could join us at the party. Mom failed to get good pictures of everyone...even with the best planning it still wasn't enough!

Here are the cakes...pre-one year old!

Thomas feeding Dad some cake. Thomas was not really into the whole "dig into the cake and get dirty" party. He wouldn't even touch the cake until I gave him a spoon. The rest of the time he just kept giving everyone the "touchdown" signal.

The large group of people surrounding him laughing every time he did this probably helped fuel his fire! He LOVED it!

The post cake bath.

Dathan, Davis, Grace, Thomas and Lilly.

Grace, Thomas and Lilly.

Sarah and Thomas. Immediately following this picture Thomas passed a little gas on Sarah....she wasn't too happy about that! Guess I have to teach him not to fart on people who bring you gifts!

Kira and Thomas...Mia was napping. Thomas has already enjoyed all of the bath toys the Childers' gave him!

Great-great Aunt Joyce.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mere with Thomas!

The joys of a one year old...pig face!

Thomas giving Mia hugs. Believe me when I say he isn't always this sweet to her!!!
Thomas thinks he is the new Betty Crocker!

He really loved his "Rock-Ride-Roll" from his Aunts and Mere & Papa...but not as much as the box!

King of Box.
In this picture he is holding up a piece of wrapping paper which I had just told him not to put in his mouth. Immediately after this picture he shoved it in his mouth.

"Uncle" Pete had just given Thomas his very first baseball hat.

Go Ball State!

On our way to watch the ND vs. usc game. We had all hoped for a W but enjoyed our time anyway.