Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Event

Well we got some snow...about 10 inches. Apparently this was the 6th biggest snow dropping storm in Indianapolis history. We are about an hour north of Indy and tend to get a little more snow so it wasn't too too big, but Indy got around 13 inches. The above picture is from Tuesday night before the heavy snow fell.

This is after!

This is a fire hydrant on our street. For some more perspective the top of the mailbox comes to my shoulder. The city came and plowed our street around 2pm, I guess a street with only two houses is not top priority! It was okay though, we didn't really have any where to go any way.

The snow ended around noon and we had beautiful sunny blue skies for the rest of the afternoon. This is taken just as the sun was setting.

Pete and Mable playing in the snow. Tommy, Pete and our neighbor Jeff spent a good hour or so shoveling the driveways...and then the plow came and they had to do part of it again!

Mable stayed out with the guys almost the whole time they were shoveling. She would run through the snow and at times you could only see her head above the snow! She has also added snow to her diet!

And...just a couple of pictures of Thomas...because he's cute! Thomas is wearing his "Mable" bib in this one.

He thought he wanted to help with the laundry!

We were super lucky to have only gotten snow with this storm. Our thoughts are with those that got all of the ice. We went through a terrible ice storm the last time we lived in Muncie and they are not fun!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Working it in the mirror

Thomas has a new favorite activity...looking at himself in the mirror! We took a mirror off the kitchen/family room wall and set it on the floor. Thomas gets fussy in the evening around 5:30pm because he wants to go to sleep...sun starts going down Thomas wants to go down! So we have been using the mirror lately as distraction and he loves it! He stares at himself, smiles, jumps up and is a lovely bit of time consumption!

I attempted to catch him smiling at himself.


Bring baby to work day!!! Thomas "went" to work with Daddy (for a few minutes)!

The McLaughlin men wearing matching blues!

Thomas and I went to our mom/baby group again today and had fun. We weighed him again today and he has gained 5.5 ounces since last Tuesday!

Hope you are all doing well! We are in for some snow tonight, we have already gotten about 3 or 4 inches, and looking for upwards of 8 inches before it is over! We will post some pictures tomorrow of the accumulation!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The in kitchen...not to be confused with a 70's rockopera

I love vests! I took a survey and overall people like vests. Although I have been told numerous times by my husband that vests are not cool! So...I put my kid in one and he rocked out the look! No one has to worry, I promise I did not take him out anywhere wearing matching outfits!

Thomas and I went to our first "Mommy and Me" type class. The hospital where he was born has a small little Mom and Baby Connection class...very informal. We enjoyed it and it certainly is nice to get out and get him some socialization. There were a few other babies there, ranging from 8months to 2 years. Thomas sat on my lap and stared at the other babies, he was enthralled! They meet once a week and I am sure we will be going back next week. Oh...they also give you the opportunity to weigh the kids each week. Thomas will be 3 months tomorrow (the 21st) and weighed in at 14lbs. Several of the mothers commented on how long he was. He was also the biggest birth weight baby in the group...even bigger than the 28lb 8 month old!!!

What was Tommy doing while we were at this class you may be asking? Take a gander below at what was once our kitchen wall!

This is what the wall looked like when Thomas and I left for our class.

This is what it looked like when we got home!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend fun

Probably not the best picture to start out a post with!!! This is the beginning of our kitchen remodel! Tommy started taking the drywall down this weekend. It is sort of a slow process because we have to work around Thomas' naps...the 30 minute ones he does take!

This is the first real hole in the wall!

Fun with photo shop!

Our little hippie kid already trying to save the world!

A great photo suggestion by Aunt Melanie. Probably should have cropped out the polka dots!

Look at those thighs..they actually are getting a little meat on them!

Mable was super lovey all weekend!

And apparently a little messy! She wishes she had a bib with her name on it!

Kisses from Mom...I gotta get them while I still can!

Tommy doing flashcards with Thomas. "Police Motorcycle"

Doing a little walking in his cool new socks from godfather Dan!

So far Thomas' eyes are still blue!

A little tickle time from Dad!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today would have been the perfect day to cozy up to a fire and never go outside! We have had probably 4 inches of snow today and it is still coming down. The temperatures are dropping...I think our high tomorrow will be around 2 and our low around -6...yeah that is the real temperature not the windchill! CRAZY! Thank goodness for fleece pants and fleece zip-up onesies....warm...yum! We know that we keep saying how big Thomas is and it can be hard to truly gauge his size from photos, so in the above picture Thomas comes higher than my knees! We will get out the tape measure a little later!
Below he is just hanging out on his play mat. Mable tried to be sneaky and join him on his mat today but I caught her! She just can not get enough french kisses!

Here are a few snow pictures. I took the day time photos around 12:30pm. Below Mable is begging to go outside and play in the snow, I told her NO! Not to worry though she got to play in the snow at her evening walk. Now our pristine snow covered lawn is all torn up...but she had fun so it was completely worth it!

The front was hard to tell the end of the lawn from the beginning of the street.

If you can see the Mardi Gras decorations in the lawn they were only covered with about 2 inches of snow at noon.

Tonight at 7:20pm they have about another 2 inches covered.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Little Man

Thomas has been super fun this week...and it's only Tuesday! He is smiling more, giggling a little and this afternoon he made a "sppppttt" sound! as a longer excited about the big project you just finished at work...excited about sounds that you can't even spell!

He requires a bib almost all the time now...I hate it! They just annoy me, I can't explain exactly why I don't like it though! Well I guess for one...why do they make super cute outfits to just get covered up by bibs. I don't really care if he gets slober on his clothes but when that slober is running at super high volumes you have to have the bib. At least they make cute bibs too!

Daddy makes tummy time SOOOO much more fun!

Thanks to Miss. Marian Oleksik for this outfit! He looked like a little man in it!

Wearing Daddy's hat!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Feeling Kinda Sunday

Congrats again to Aunt Megan and the Ravens.
Tommy and Thomas watched the game from the couch!

Thomas already enjoys football as much as his Dad! If football is on TV his little face is turned that way. Seriously, today he was laying on the floor and getting a little fussy but as soon as the game came back on he was smiling!

Thomas can successfully put both hands in his mouth...sometimes even at the same time!

He is also focusing on objects we shake at him and being distracted...which is super exciting if you have ever had to ride in the car with him!

Have a great Monday!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

LET IT SNOW (and ice) LET IT SNOW (and ice) LET IT SNOW...(and ice)

Today was a typical Indiana winter and snow! We had more ice than snow, but it did snow in the afternoon a little bit. Pete's Mom, Miss. Milas, got Thomas a super warm snow suit and with this afternoon's snow we decided to put it to good use. Tommy, Thomas, Mable and I all went out and played for a minute in the snow! The above picture is what happened when we told Mable it was time to go inside...she sat down and wouldn't budge! She has been hilarious during her walks with the ice...she has been a not so graceful ice skater!

Tommy and Thomas chasing Mable around the front yard. Not 3 seconds after this picture Mable turned the corner and spun out on the ice. The yard isn't slick, just the driveway and street, so Tommy and Thomas were not in danger of falling.

Tommy, Thomas and Mable!

Mom and Thomas nice and cozy in the latest winter wear!

We hope your Saturday was as good as ours!