Monday, May 24, 2010

Louisiana Trip

We recently went down to New Orleans for a wedding (congrats Daniel and Julie!). Thomas and I spent a week there, Tommy came in on Friday.
This is Thomas trying on a seer sucker suit Jane (John & Connor) let us borrow. It is still a bit large but will be super cute for a later wedding.
Mere and Papa took him swimming at Miss. Jane and Mr. Mike's house. He had fun doing the "wheels on the bus" with Mere. The bottom picture is him walking back from the pool, stopping to ponder something!

Cheese! Picking up possibly every toy there was! He slept with the caterpillar and the doggy too! And of course "Dan the Monster".
Mere and Papa took Thomas to the Aquarium of the America's while we were there.
He loved seeing the "fishies"!
He wasn't very happy when we first walked in because there was a fountain and he thought we were making him go swimming!
Trying to climb up the tank. It was nice to see all of the local Gulf fish, especially since the oil leak (flow) may kill all of the Gulf wildlife. The Aquarium stopped printing paper maps and is using the money they would have spent on that to help the wildlife, like cleaning jellyfish.
Mere showing Thomas the Mississippi river, the Crescent City connection in the background.
As I promised before I will not cut his hair again! Mere took the job happily and yes that is a smile on the kid's face. Although i think it was becuase he was kicking Mere! Silly bad boy!
Yeah...he can almost see again!
Jumping with Daddy! Thomas missed his Dad very much!
Family picture at Mr. and Mrs. Daniel (and Julie) Vitrano's wedding!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Playset DONE!

Thomas swinging on the completed playset.
The only thing left to do is put the mulch around it.

He has already mastered climbing the ladder.


And he loves the slide too!

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Here is the fort part of the playset! We actually have a lot more done on it now.
It has a roof, ladders, picnic table! WOO HOO

This has basically become my life these last couple of weeks. Thomas doing something he isn't supposed to do and me scolding him for it.

Watching "Yo Gabba Gabba" or GABBA as he calls it.

His nifty wet-suit. It did help, we think it kept him a bit warmer. More than that though having Daddy in the water too helped. He didn't really want to swim with Mommy.

Tommy working on the playset.

Pete helping Thomas "shop".

April in Indiana....mmmhmmm...that is a coat and hat.

The girls and the babies playing outside.

Grace and Mia.