Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1st St. Pat's Parade - St. Charles

Our little St. Patty's Day parade trooper! He was pretty unsure of all the sirens and noise when the parade started but then people started giving him "stuff"!

Tommy caught three boxes of "Irish Spring" soap...I think someone was trying to tell him something.

Janet with a great sitting down snag.

Me with my shamrock stethoscope and my bead snag!

Even the Irish love the Saints.

Love this one!

This one got photo bombed by a parade walker.

That's my husband.

Sitting with Mere as the parade begins.

Aunt Melanie held Thomas most of the parade. I'm not sure how her arms didn't fall off.

This is at the beginning of the parade when he was scared.

Janet was called to from an all female float and gifted these lovely green jello shots.

There he is again.

A father and son. and yes those are panties on Thomas. Special panties that Melanie caught just for Steve.

Miss. Debra's festive hat!

I LOVED this guy and his orange beard!

Flying beads

Thomas caught a cabbage.

Tommy getting ready to catch a cabbage...it is floating in mid-air.

Like father.

Like son? Well almost.

Thomas being given beads.

Everyone thought he was a girl so they kept giving him stuff. He got this lovely hair accessory and a purse.

Showing Papa his ball.

Hanging out with Aunt Megan.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vacation Part 2: Louisiana...the first day or so

This is a picture sitting in Mr. Tom & Miss. Debra's living room of each of their kids, Megan, Melanie and Tommy. I just could not get past the resemblance Thomas has with all of them. The fact that all four have the same hair cut makes it even more cute!

Thomas didn't want to ride on his bike but he had no problem pushing Aunt Melanie.

He pushed her all the way down the driveway and about half way back up!

He found another apron! At least this time he wore it as a cape!

Mable playing with her captured lizard. She likes to give it a false sense of freedom.

Curled up in Biscuit and Bruin's bed...obviously it is a little small for her.

Ever wondered how to grow a grandson?

This picture looks nice and sweet with Mable in the background but what is really happening is Thomas is stalking her and heading to run her over. Good thing she is a smart dog.

Riding the toy giraffe.
Crashing the toy giraffe.

New boots! He loves them...asks constantly for his "boots".

ahhh....our little future plumber

Reading books with his Mere. He has a plunger obsession.

Riding his bike with his beads on...beads is another new word he learned while in New Orleans. Plenty of pictures to come that will explain why he learned the word beads.

Thomas "helping" his Mere in the kitchen.

And by "helping" I mean taking every single ziplock bag out of their box.

Our little "Sham Rocker" in his first St.Pat's shirt.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Vacation: Part 1-Tuscaloosa, Alabama

We recently went on vacation to Louisiana to see Tommy's family. On our way down Tommy had to see a customer in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Thomas and I spent a couple of days playing tourist there. We went to the University of Alabama first. Spent most of the day just walking around campus, pretending to fit in, we got a lot of stares...probably because we both had on Gamecock gear! Above is the University of Alabama football stadium.

Thomas pointing out Coach Gene Stallings.

Apparently Coach Stallings is like 20 feet tall.

We also went to the "Bear Bryant Museum".

It was pretty neat to see...the guy is a football legend. This is the only photo I got because my camera died. Thomas just kept waving to Coach Bryant's bust.

The next day we spent several hours at the local children's museum. He is trying on "atssss" (hats) in this one.


They had a traditional Japanese house set up and we must have spent 20 minutes playing with the chop sticks and bowls.

Future cowboy.

Playing tic-tac-toe...obviously he needs some lessons.

Back in our hotel room with the Mable dog. He was hiding under a chair and she was trying to get him. This game happens quite often but normally she is the one hiding under the chair!