Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vacation Part 2: Louisiana...the first day or so

This is a picture sitting in Mr. Tom & Miss. Debra's living room of each of their kids, Megan, Melanie and Tommy. I just could not get past the resemblance Thomas has with all of them. The fact that all four have the same hair cut makes it even more cute!

Thomas didn't want to ride on his bike but he had no problem pushing Aunt Melanie.

He pushed her all the way down the driveway and about half way back up!

He found another apron! At least this time he wore it as a cape!

Mable playing with her captured lizard. She likes to give it a false sense of freedom.

Curled up in Biscuit and Bruin's bed...obviously it is a little small for her.

Ever wondered how to grow a grandson?

This picture looks nice and sweet with Mable in the background but what is really happening is Thomas is stalking her and heading to run her over. Good thing she is a smart dog.

Riding the toy giraffe.
Crashing the toy giraffe.

New boots! He loves them...asks constantly for his "boots".

ahhh....our little future plumber

Reading books with his Mere. He has a plunger obsession.

Riding his bike with his beads on...beads is another new word he learned while in New Orleans. Plenty of pictures to come that will explain why he learned the word beads.

Thomas "helping" his Mere in the kitchen.

And by "helping" I mean taking every single ziplock bag out of their box.

Our little "Sham Rocker" in his first St.Pat's shirt.

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Michelle said...

Hey Sallie, just checked out your blog. What great pictures! I love reading about my friends' families. I have a blog as well if you want to check it out. So glad I found you on Facebook!