Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1st St. Pat's Parade - St. Charles

Our little St. Patty's Day parade trooper! He was pretty unsure of all the sirens and noise when the parade started but then people started giving him "stuff"!

Tommy caught three boxes of "Irish Spring" soap...I think someone was trying to tell him something.

Janet with a great sitting down snag.

Me with my shamrock stethoscope and my bead snag!

Even the Irish love the Saints.

Love this one!

This one got photo bombed by a parade walker.

That's my husband.

Sitting with Mere as the parade begins.

Aunt Melanie held Thomas most of the parade. I'm not sure how her arms didn't fall off.

This is at the beginning of the parade when he was scared.

Janet was called to from an all female float and gifted these lovely green jello shots.

There he is again.

A father and son. and yes those are panties on Thomas. Special panties that Melanie caught just for Steve.

Miss. Debra's festive hat!

I LOVED this guy and his orange beard!

Flying beads

Thomas caught a cabbage.

Tommy getting ready to catch a cabbage...it is floating in mid-air.

Like father.

Like son? Well almost.

Thomas being given beads.

Everyone thought he was a girl so they kept giving him stuff. He got this lovely hair accessory and a purse.

Showing Papa his ball.

Hanging out with Aunt Megan.

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