Monday, December 29, 2008

Polar Bears and Monkeys oh my

Thomas seems to be maturing a little more each day. Above he is looking at some of his toys, he is getting very close to reaching for them. Tommy had him on his lap at his desk yesterday and he was staring at a highlighter and actually grabbed for it. AMAZING!

Here I am making some pancakes in my new bowls! Thank you so much Mr. Tom and Miss. Debra! I know they were hard to find and I am so glad you found them! Also used the new food processor today to grate some cheese. It will be so much fun to make Thomas' food when he gets to solids (which I am sure will be here before we know it)!

Really he seemed to like the monkey~banana theme we had going until I got out the camera! This is an outfit Tommy and I have had for almost 3 was so monkeylicious we had to get it. By the way all the outfits you see in this post are 6months...6 MONTHS!!!

I put Thomas down on the couch for a second to grab something and when I got back he was like this. Apparently he already likes to lay on the couch and watch TV there may be a recliner in his future.

Dad showing off Thomas' super cute bear outfit from Aunt Melanie and Aunt Megan (the polar bear outfit is also from them). You have no idea how awesome ZIP-UP outfits are at two in the morning. Thanks!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Crazy Hair

This was taken after a bath and his cradle cap head had been all lotioned up! He has super awesome crazy hair! A big thanks to Janet for the froggy outfit!

The best present Dad could have ever received!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! We hope that everyone had a wonderful day. We got up and opened presents, ate some dinner and have been playing with gifts all afternoon. Thomas got a wooden train, some super cool books, a couple of new outfits, a new carseat and a high chair for the months to come! Here are a few pictures from our day!

Mable is the second cutest reindeer of the day!

Thomas being the first of course!

Tommy and I celebrated Christmas Eve by watching the Notre Dame game (whoo hoo...finally a bowl win) by the fireplace and eating smores!

A few First Christmas photos of Thomas.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 month checkup

Tummy Time! We have some of this on video, where he is lifting his head
(hope to post that soon).

Thomas and his "popped" collar.
We took this one just for TRIPLE A!
Now only if he had a cool blingy belt the look would be complete!

Thomas had his 2 month checkup today with Dr. Garg and everything went really well.

Thomas now has a 16inch head, is 25 inches and weighs 12lbs. 9oz.

He also had his first round of shots and did pretty well, he was so good they gave him Daffy Duck band-aids. Mom only cried a little!

Apparently his new eating schedule, every hour and a half to two hours, is completely normal for a breastfed baby. Dr. Garg even recommends supplementing a night feeding so Mom can get some sleep.

Dr. Garg also guestimated Thomas' future height to be 6ft tall. HAHAHAHA... We will just have to wait and see on that one.

1 more day until Christmas! WHOO HOO!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Tommy wants Thomas to be a video game champion when he grows up! Thomas is already taking after his Dad!
Looking around at the whole world!

Thinking really hard!

This was an attempt to catch a smile! We got the last bits of it as he turned his head. He is smiling like crazy, usually in the morning after he wakes up. We did succeed in catching a smile on video and hope to have that up sometime in the near future.

Look at those baby blues! Wonder if they will stay that color????


Our friend Pete, who when we moved back to Indiana graciously let us stay at his house, finally held Thomas for the first time recently. I basically threw Thomas in Pete's lap and ran out of the room. Unfortunately this startled Thomas a little and we got the cry face you see below. In the picture above Pete and Thomas were having a bubble contest, Thomas has recently started drooling and blowing bubbles with his drool...yeah milestones!!!

Steve and Jess' visit

Steve and Jess came in for a visit, overlapping for a day with Janet. We had a full house and we could not have been happier! As you can see below Mable got her besos (kisses) in with Steve...look at that tongue action!!!!

Thomas is not sure what to think of this crazy person saying "HELLO" to him! Maybe if I touch him he will stop!

Smiling at Jess!

Steve entertaining Thomas.

Janet's Visit

A childhood friend of Tommy's from Louisiana, Janet, came to visit this past weekend. We had a super fun time (as always) with Janet. Thomas was glad to meet her and we were glad that Thomas was glad. He loved him some Janet arms! He actually fell asleep upright in her arms, the picture above is a close up.

Mable has been very good with Thomas and she has been fairly understanding when people come in the house and go straight for the baby. Well...not so much with Janet. Mable had to be the first to be greeted and was none to happy when Janet finally came to say hi to Thomas. Below Mable gets some Janet love.

Janet had the "magic touch"...which allowed Mom to get dinner ready!
Bright eyed Thomas and Janet sporting green!

We were so glad to have Janet in town for a visit!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Cheer

Here is the outside of our house with our Christmas lights. Tommy some how had time to take care of me, the baby, build two entertainment centers, work, and put up Christmas lights!

Thomas through the Christmas tree!
"Sleeping Heavenly Peace!!!"

Santa Baby!

Yeah...happy Santa Baby did not really last all that long!!!

Baby's First Christmas!

I was trying to be a little artistic with the camera!

Merry Christmas to all!

What Daddy's been up to.

Tommy has been busy building two new entertainment centers for the living room. They are now finished and in the room. They look AWESOME and hold all of our media equipment and all of our dvd' room left over.

Thomas congratulating Dad on his build.

This is the right one which is currently being blocked by the Christmas tree.

Thomas trying to take some of the credit for the entertainment centers!

This is the left one which houses all of our electronic equipment. There is so much room we are still trying to figure out what to put on the other shelves!

The full picture! They match the fireplace perfectly! Our next project is the kitchen wall, cabinets and counter top. Poor Tommy always has something to build!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thomas the swinger

We had a busy and fun day today! Thomas went grocery shopping with me and did really well for most of the trip. He isn't the biggest fan of the 'ole car seat...but is, with each trip, getting better with it. So...we made it half way through the shopping trip before I had to take the car seat off the cart and swing it wildly through aisle 14...all the whilst trying to steer the cart back to
aisle 7 to pick up the mayo I forgot(real mayo, not Miracle Whip Mr. Tom) ! All in all a great trip though.

Ready to go to the store!

Oh and the good thing about morning shopping trips is Thomas gets worn out and actually naps! He has not been sleeping much during the day, 15 to 20 minute cat naps usually...that is it. But today he pretty much slept from 11:30am to 3:00pm. He preferred a few different locations during this time though, crib, mommies lap, swing, mommies lap, mommies lap, mommies get the point! He is getting closer to napping in his crib.

Sleeping in my swing.

He is on his 5th night of sleeping in the crib by himself (WHOO HOO!) and is doing really well with it. (Hopefully I will not jinx him!) He sleeps from about 8pm to 11:00pm to 1:00am, and then from then until about 4am, then may sleep until 6am, and then he lays with us until 8am.

He has also decided he likes to be swaddled. When he was born he refused to be swaddled. He hated his arms being tied down. Well a few nights ago he was crying just to cry so Tommy wrapped him up like a little burrito and he has slept that way every since. He loves it!

Mommy the burrito maker.

Little burrito!

soo...after his nap the next door neighbors Erin (mom), Lilly and Grace came over to help with some Christmas crafts. We did a few crafts and made some peppermint bark and played with Thomas and Mable for a little while. We had lots of fun!

Sitting in the kitchen.

All in all a good day!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Godfather D.O.C.

Thomas loves this dancing Tigger that Grandma Paulette got for his Dad a few years ago. He will stop mid-cry just to stare at it (WHOO HOO!).

Dad burping Thomas, the "Pere pat" defintely helps here!

Dan giving Thomas a little beso!

Dan stretching and playing with Thomas.

Tommy's roommate from college came into town last weekend to see Thomas for the first time. Dan is also Thomas' godfather, and Dad couldn't have picked a better person for godfather duty. Dan played with Thomas in the kitchen (and also did some stretching) while we cooked lunch. We had a great weekend and were even "Those People" that ask for unpaid doctorly advice from the doctor friend! would do it too if you had a new Chief Resident of Pediatrics standing right in front of you....congrats to Dan for that awesome acheivement!

BY THE BY...this is Mom...formerly known as Sallie finally posting on the blog! want to know why I am finally getting to post???? Because my son is in his himself....for the last 27 that is progress people! Maybe we won't end up with a 2 year old sleeping in our bed after all!

Big thanks go out to everyone for all of your support...we really appreciate all of the advice, hints, tips, help, words of wisdom and just love that has poured our way!