Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving Part 1

So here are some more pictures of when Mere, Papa and Aunt Melanie came to visit. Thomas was sure glad to see everybody. So were Sallie and I because I can't begin to explain how great it is to get out of the house with no real worries.

GreatGrandma Betty with Thomas, Sallie and I. She is sooo proud and could not stop looking at him. After this she asked how do we hold him so much he is way to heavy.

All of the Thomas E McLaughlin's except my Great Grandpa.

Ms. Thomas Jr, Thomas III, Thomas IV and Version 5.0
Cousin Elizabeth enjoying her time with Thomas.
Thomas loves his Aunt Melanie and I am pretty sure she likes him too.
The Cousins making fun faces. That is what family is all about.
Cousin Lauren amazed at how strong Thomas is.
Cousin Lauren enjoying her time.
Alania and Whitter Loving Thomas.
Great Grandma and Thomas
Holding her hand.
Saying cheese for the Camera.
Look how big I am Mama.
Grandma with her baby and me with mine.
Wow it is loud in here.
I have a turkey costume. And I HATE HATS.
Lauren with Thomas.
Being Artsy.
Loves to sleep like that.
Posed Family pictures (can you tell)
I am hungry mom.
Already poses for Camera
Pushing off of Mommy
Thomas Loves to sit up.
Laying on Aunt Melanie
Yawning. So Damn Cute.
Hi there Dad.
Aunt Melanie and Thomas

Hey lady i am sleeping.
Christmas Colors without planning it.
I love my red hoodie.
Mere with both her Grandkids.
I see you.
Posing again.
Okay so Papa yelled and made Thomas cry which made Mere yell at Papa.
First meeting for Mere and Papa
Rubbing Mable loving Thomas.

Mere and Thomas
Mere and Thomas. She keeps his so calm.

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