Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We Love our Baby

Here are some more pictures of Thomas. He is just the cutest kid. He still has his nights and days mixed up which is hard on Sallie and I. Harder on Sallie because I don't have boobs and sleep when he is feeding which is like every 2 hours. The doctors said on demand feeding.
Wide awake and at full attention when looking at his momma.
Sallie, Aron, Mable and Thomas. A family portrait. You can see Thomas's tail from the Billi Light.
Sallie, Aron and Mable. Mable is our baby girl and Thomas is our baby boy.
Momma and Baby relaxing on the couch.
Mable is enjoying her new ottoman to look into the back yard on those chilly days in Muncie.

Mable just checking to see if Thomas is okay. She does this multiple times a day just to make sure he is good. Whenever he cries, makes a sudden movement or has a stinky diaper she comes over to check.
Look at the size of those feet.
Never too many pictures.
Momma and sleeping baby.

More Visitors Yeah

Thomas had some more visitors come in to see him. Penny, Jim and Joyce who are Sallie's relatives from South Carolina were up in Ohio for a wedding and thought it would be nice to come over and visit for a little while. It was nice to see them and show them our new baby. They were very lovely with him and he stayed awake the whole time they were here.
Penny and Joyce get their helpings of cuteness from Thomas.
Thomas loved the attention and was very aware during their visit.
Joyce (Sallie's Grandpa's Sister) had the best time. It was great to see them all and hope we get to see them again soon.

Billi Blanket

Thomas had Jaundice when he came home from the hospital and had to stay connected to the Billi Blanket or as the nurse's call it "Glow Worm" Blanket. A lot of people have asked what this is so I have added some pictures to help explain. He is no longer using the light but thanks to Erin and Jeff (our neighbors) for helping us with it. Jeff works for the healthcare company that provides these apparatuses to the hospital.

Big Sister Mable and the cord for the Billi Light.
Here you can see the glow. There is approximately a 4 inch by 16 inch piece of UV Light material that is kept next to the baby skin at all times during the day and night. The only piece that blocks from the skin is the diaper. We sure got a lot of use out of the sleep sacks that everyone sent.
Here is the actual mechanism that creates the light. It was difficult to move and take care of a child that was always tethered to something but at least it wasn't the huge overhead light.

Aron and Paulette Come to Visit

Sallie's parents came in last Saturday and are enjoying some quality time with their Grandson.
Aron enjoying a little quality time with Thomas.
Asleep in Grandpa's arms.
Paulette beaming with pride. (You can see the Billi Blanket connected to Thomas)
Grandma and Grandson taking a little nap.

How cute.
Mable is enjoying the Grandparents visit. Especially the warm chair.
All the excitement as worn him out.
Thomas is so comfortable in Grandpa's arms.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Sallie and I will continue to post here to make sure everyone can get to see the pictures and videos of the baby as well as see what is going on a day to day basis.

So far all is good and he is doing well. Still fussy and still needing help with his jaundice.


The Baby

More Pictures

Here are the pictures of the Baby. I will try and update this page as it goes.