Monday, June 14, 2010

Thomas being Thomas

A boy and his dog.

Lots of new stuff going on with Thomas. One day...out of the blue he picked up this stuffed animal who we call "Dan the Monster" and declared that he was going to bed with him. "Dan" was given to him several months ago by his god father Dan. From that day on he rarely goes anywhere without "Dan". I am amazed at the "all of a sudden" attachment. He wants absolutely NOTHING to do with the super soft (fairly pricey) monkey that has been in his crib from 6 months of age!
He has also decided to wear any hair accessory he can get his hands Mommy's headband.

Headband on a different day.
Mia's rubber bands. OK OK...he didn't actually put these in himself but he did ask!!! I promise. I am sorry but pig tails are ADORABLE! Mia is super cute with them in too!

"Momma's don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys"

We went to Lawrenceburg for a day and got to see Great-Grandma Betty. Thomas sat in the rocking chair and proceeded to order Great-grandma and Mom to "ock" (rock) on command!

Smiles all around!

Great-grandma wore him out!

With cousin Lauren.

Trying on Daddy's shoes...if you can even call them that...more like boats.

Poor Mia. He is actually just giving her a hug here but man she was not interested!

This is his new "life vest" for swimming he got from his Aunt Megan and Aunt Melanie. He LOVES it and hasn't taken it off in two days.

We had a garage sale this weekend and got rained on a bit. Thomas didn't care at all! Here he is dragging Grace around with him! I think she is actually commenting on how wet his hair is! She was smart and went inside!

Actually jumping in a puddle.


We went to a local park for the first time the other day. He really enjoyed getting to just run around without me stopping him. Don't let this picture fool you though...he thought about going down that slide for about 2 seconds. He is actually backing up in this picture!


He took one look at this creek behind him and said "ater...get in". ummm....NO!

He has started asking to go to the potty...which is a huge step in the right direction. But heaven forbid we go in there and there isn't a magazine! He has to have a "agazine"!

Toilet CHEESE!

Rylan and Heather's Visit

My friend Heather and her son Rylan came for a visit back in April before they made a move to Italy. Rylan is about a year older than Thomas but I don't think the age difference mattered at all!

Both boys snuggling up with Heather before bedtime!

LOVE that face!

Lilly and Grace let us all come over and jump on the trampoline. Ry was a great jumper! I am hoping Thomas picked up a few jumping tips from him!

Ry and Mom jumping!

The boys and the girls jumping together.

Cowboy Rylan!

We took them to the local childrens museum, here they are digging for dinosaur bones!

We also took them to see the ducks. How cute are they walking hand in hand! ADORABLE!

Feeding the ducks.
Thomas would not get much closer...Rylan was a bit more brave.

Making art!

Sit and Spin.

I may use this photo when they graduate from high school!