Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thomas Walking

We are officially saying Thomas is walking! He can follow you around the room if you are their ready to catch him. You have to be there ready to catch him because he likes to dive at you!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Aunts Love Me!!!

Thomas got a package from his Aunt Melanie and Aunt Megan today...and boy was it awesome! This super cute monkey suit was in it and we had to try it on IMMEDIATELY!

Have you ever seen a cuter monkey!
This picture Mr. Monkey is showing off his walking skills! Yep...he is officially walking! He is a little shaky but can complete four or five steps before enjoying the fall! In the last week he has also learned to clap, high five and wave. We are teaching him to give the "touchdown" sign right now.
He was such a huge fusspot at dinner tonight I had to feed him on my lap part of the time.

The other part of the meal he sat in his high chair and played with his new toy from his Aunts. THANK YOU!!!

Thomas received all of these clothes from his Aunts. Thank you both...he is almost set for winter!!!

These are the most recent garden finds. I am not sure what kind of squash this is with all its warts!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Thomas did not have to get any shots at this appointment! I can't tell you how happy that makes me!! According to the doctor he is doing great! He is in the 92nd and 93rd percentile in height and head size and 63rd in weight! Which basically means we have a tall, skinny, big headed boy!!! He was 31 inches tall and weighed in at 21lbs 6oz with a head measurement of 18 3/4 inches!
All in all a good appointment!

Little Monkey

I really thought climbing would come well after walking...boy was I wrong! He scaled his dad yesterday to get onto the couch and then proceeded to climb the couch all by himself! He really is a little monkey!

Super Thomas!

What a cutie!

He looks like a little man in his button up shirt and khaki pants!

We made pickles the other day with all those cucumbers! We ended up with 9 jars and we only have to wait 4 weeks to eat them. booooo....

Thomas has his 9 month doctors appointment today. We will update height and weight later! Hopefully the shots don't go too bad!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We have had a few firsts this week. Our spider lily finally bloomed for the first seen above! We now have 3 blooms and it looks like we are going to have more. Thomas had his first set of sniffles...I am reluctant to call it a cold though. We also left him with our neighbors, the Tingler's, so we could go see a movie. That is the first time we have ever left him other than with family members. We had a great time and he had a great time!

I think Thomas has hit that oh so lovely, attachment stage! He does not stray too far from me these days.

Climbing attempts are on the rise! He uses his mail cart as steps now! He actually pushed it over to a gate we have in the hall and tried to climb over it!

Here he is climbing the mail cart but still trying to see himself in the mirror of another toy he has!

A zucchini we let grow too long!

The cucumbers that are about to be pickles! We will let you know how they turn out!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cuter every day

Thomas had his first sink bath last week! Tommy was out of the house for a while and Thomas opted to get the messiest he every has during dinner! So I just put him in the sink and hosed him off!


We had a minor Puffs disaster...they were every where!

Three of us cleaned them up, me, Tommy and Steve, and the next morning Thomas still found one somewhere!

Singing for mommy!

He thinks he's a horse!

Thomas is checking out the new side tables Dad built, they match the entertainment centers.

Look 'ma no hands! Thomas is in fleece pj's because it has been chilly here at night the last few days...we are talking in the upper 50's...and we are LOVING it!

He crawled in and flipped over the laundry basket all by himself.

He watched Dad mow the entire back yard and called out "dada dada dada" the whole time!

This chair is our air conditioning grate security system, although we are going to have to find something new because last night he figured out how to pull the chair out of the way. I was taking this Pepsi bottle to the recycle bin and dropped it on the floor...Thomas played with it for over 30 minutes. Possibly the cheapest toy ever!

Apparently Thomas likes celery just as much as his dad does.

Jess and Steve came down for a couple days!

Walking around with Steve!

More play time with Steve.

Helping Jess study!

Balancing on Steve's arm.

Dan also came into town recently for a visit. Thomas is helping Dan with his morning yoga.

All smiles with God father Dan.

Bath time.

These are our first veggies from the garden.

Left is a zucchini and right is an eggplant. Did we pick the eggplant too soon? The internet said to pick it before it lost all its shine and one side wasn't that shiny anymore so we picked it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009



Monday, July 13, 2009

Sleepy Boys

This is right before bed...obviously he was a little sleepy!

These two pictures were taken the Sunday Ashlyn, Jeanita and Miss. Becky left. I think Tommy and Mable were just plain worn out!!!

We have had an exciting few days with Thomas. I now know why mothers (especially of boys) say "they are into everything"! I used to think they were exaggerating a little...not any more! Ours decided he wanted to try out a career in A/C work the other day. He chose to remove the air conditioning vent in the kitchen. He is super fast too because I promise I was less than three feet away from him! I went and picked him up and put him in the living room with his toys. After I put him down I looked at my arm and there were streaks of blood...not going to lie I freaked out! Not really because of the blood but the fact that I had no idea where it was coming from. The kid had cuts on two fingers and not once did he whimper...even with blood pouring out of his tiny little fingers! Of course we had zero tiny band-aids so I called in the troops and our neighbor Erin saved the day! Thomas is I said he never made a sound! and now, thanks again to Erin, we have an entire box of Handy Manny band-aids!

Apparently we like to keep things exciting around here!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ashlyn visit

We were lucky enough to have visitors over July 4th weekend, our god child Ashlyn, her mom Jeanita and Jeanita's mom Miss. Becky! We had a great time and are so glad they came to visit. Ashlyn is almost 3 and played very well with Thomas...we were sad to see them go. Above, Ashlyn is playing with our neighbor Grace, they came over for snow cones on the 4th. We shot off fireworks and ate lots of yummy food. Both Thomas and baby Mia (7wks) slept through the fireworks...WOW!

Ashlyn and Thomas sitting on Tommy's lap in the swing!
Ashlyn showing Thomas how to push his mail cart around. She was very patient and walked slow for him.
Thomas looking out the back door.

Ashlyn made a sticker book while she was here.
Playing with the mail cart again.
Thomas making out with Pooh!
His new stunt. He climbs the gate, holds on tight and leans his head back as far as possible. I seriously can't have enough pillows to keep his head intact!
Thomas and Ashlyn snuggling on Jeanita's lap one morning.
They were playing "hop on pop", except "pop" was Sallie! Even Mable joined in on the fun!
Thomas and Pooh on their second date...a stroll around the living room. What? You thought he was just going to make out with Pooh and never call him again?!!!
Another fun/dangerous activity...riding the walker!

Thomas playing his very first game of soccer.
Ashlyn playing with bubbles as Mom watches.

We must have played in the backyard for two hours! We played with bubbles, trucks, kicked balls and ran around a lot!

Miss. Becky watching the action.
Uh-oh Ashlyn fell down.

Ashlyn kept her tongue out while she was concentrating.

More lap time with Jeanita.
Bucket head!


Have you ever seen a cuter pair?!!!
Flying high with Daddy!
Bath time! Ashlyn loved Thomas' army of ducks!
Thomas really liked (to chew on) Ashlyn's ball!