Friday, July 9, 2010

Grandma & Grandpa Visit

Grandpa Aron and Grandma Paulette came for a visit in June.
Thomas loved every minute...and I think they did too!!!

Grandma and Grandpa took Thomas to the Children's Museum. Here they are all checking out a big rig. I think they must have spent half an hour in that truck!

Grandpa and Thomas checking out the horse saddle.

Thomas has a ponytail just like Grandpa's...okay so not quite as long!

Hugs for Mommy

Headband and Grandma's shoes!

Drawing with Grandma on her notepad.

Grandma watching Thomas drive a tractor.


Playing in the laundry basket.

A hug for Dad on Father's day.

He climbed Dad immediately after hugging him!

Mia went to the museum too.