Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Cereal

Thomas officially started eating cereal on Thursday. He did really well with his first time eating. He actually moved it around in his mouth and swallowed.

He wasn't sure at first about the taste.

He was all smiles when Daddy was feeding him though!

We also gave him his first taste of plain water in a sippy cup. Again...he wasn't so sure he liked it but he did try. He is almost an expert already at getting the spout in his mouth.

Although, he would probably chew on any part of the cup.

Thomas is almost exclusively in 9 month clothing now. Some things are still a little big but it is a lot easier than squeezing him into the 6 month clothes. Thank you to Stephanie for this Tigger is super cute...especially on thomas!

He has super fingers these days and loves to grab at everything! He has recently started going for Mommy's glasses...hmmm...maybe not a good thing!

We are positive now that he is teething, although still not sure how far away we are from a tooth eruption. He chews on EVERYTHING!

Currently the bar on his walker is his favorite chew toy.

Thank you Aunt Megan and Aunt Melanie for these awesome Tonka trucks. Thomas is still a little small for them but Mom and Dad got a good round of play out of them already!

We promise to not wear them out before he is old enough to play with them!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Family Time

Hello to everyone. It has been an exciting time over the past couple of weeks for Thomas. Tommy's parents came into town to see him and Aunt Megan finally got to come and see him for the first time. It was a lot of fun. He is getting bigger everyday and is now exclusively in 9 months clothing (even though he just turned 4 months).

Here is Thomas in the walker Aunt Megan, Aunt Melanie, Mere and Papa got him. He loves it but is about a 1/2 inch away from being able to get the best leverage. Plus we need to find socks that have grippy feet so he can move better.
Him hanging in his walker. Right now he can only turn right and go backwards but loves to be able to move even though it is not the way he wants to go. He loves the bar and toys, he uses them as chew toys.
Here is the family sitting with him in the kitchen, getting him to move. Mable loves Thomas in the walker because it is on her level and she can sneak kisses whenever possible.

We went down to Lawrenceburg to see Papa's family. Here is Uncle Mike holding Thomas before they go to the Xavier game.
Thomas likes to stand up even if it is on Aunt Megan's hair.

Thomas with Papa and Great Grandma Betty. Grandma was amazed by how big he is getting and he had to be introduced to all of her friends.
Mere enjoying her time with Thomas. He is starting to get teeth, although none have popped through yet, so he has been chewing on his hands and drooling constantly.
Mere getting the chance to feed Thomas his lunch time bottle. Check out his leg warmers. 80s here we come.
All of the McLaughlin's hanging out with Thomas. From left to right (Uncle EG, Alaina, Ann Alyse, Mere with Thomas and Papa.)
Great Grandma and Thomas. He loved getting to see everyone so much.
Thomas flying with Aunt Megan. We were so happy that Aunt Megan got to come in and see him even if it was only for two days.
Aunt Megan talking to Thomas.
Thomas talking to Mere. He loves having new people to hang out with.
Papa, Aunt Megan and Thomas enjoying time together. Thomas loves to stand and walk but you have to hold him by the under arm or chest if not you get yelled at (his shoulder might come out of socket).

The Cousins and Thomas. Ann Alyse, Alaina, and Whitter.
Aunt Megan brought her two dogs Biscuit and Bruin and they loved spending time with Thomas. Thomas loves dogs and follows them everywhere when they are running around.
Momma Sallie with Biscuit. Mable doesn't like to climb on our laps but Biscuit would sleep there all day.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras


Thomas had his 4 month well baby visit today. He weighs in at 16lbs, has a 17 inch head and (according to them) is 26 inches long...we will measure him here at home for a more accurate reading soon! The doctor said he was doing really well and hitting all his "milestones" on time. He suggested we go ahead and start Thomas on food....mommy says "YEAH!!!!"! So when Tommy gets back from his business trip we should have some pictures of Thomas covered in cereal! We had a fantastic visit with Tommy's family and will certainly get those pictures up soon. We wish we were in Louisiana for Mardi Gras...that is for sure! Thomas is throwing a Mardi Gras party in his Mommy and Me class today...which should be fun!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V-Day

Happy Valentine's Day from our little heartbreaker!

Look at those monkey feet!

Already likes the swimsuit addition!
My Mom (Grandma Paulette) has always purchased my Dad the Sports
Illustrated Swimsuit addition, for as long as I can remember! I always thought it was sweet...and it is the only way my Dad would ever have had a sports magazine in the house! Thomas already thinks it is a great tradition!

We took the stroller out for the first time (thanks Vitrano's) for a walk with Mable! He loved it...bundled up and all!

Dad and Mable snuggled on the couch!

Our ocean front property or what 12 inches of melted snow, plus 2 inches of rain will give you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Hulk

Thomas wore this outfit to bed last night, it is a 6 to 9 month. When I went in to change his diaper this morning the zipper was split!!! Looks like another outfit goes into storage! At our Mom/Baby class today he weighed in at 15lbs wonder he split an out-fit in two!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh Danny Boy

Dan came in for a visit this weekend and we all had a great time. In the picture above at the precise moment I took the picture Thomas spit-up and pooped...which is why Dan has that great look on his face!

The "family" pose!

Tommy and Dan jumping in the kitchen! Good thing we have a decent size kitchen!

Even though he is almost 15lbs the little/big guy is still super skinny!

Thomas is working on grabbing these days. He hasn't quite gotten it down yet but is getting there. He is also getting better at sitting. He really would rather just stand-up so he hasn't been focusing too much on sitting. His balance is getting better and we look for him to be sitting on his own in the next few weeks.

Although he is still a little too wobbly for the exersaucer we put it together this weekend, talk about a gazillion parts! We put him in it for a couple of minutes and he was FASCINATED by the toys...looks like he is going to really like it!

It was actually warm enough to go on a short walk today with Thomas, so I strapped him in the babybjorn and off we went, he even wore his hat without complaining!

Saturday, February 7, 2009