Monday, May 30, 2011

First Haircut

Thomas had his first (real...not just bangs) haircut, I am sure you are all saying "finally"! I said from day one that we were not going to cut his hair until he asked. I had truly hoped that day would not come until he was 18 or so! He asked and we took him. It had been a little hard to deal with lately, I will admit.

Front before.
Gotta love that cheesy grin!

Back before.

Profile before.

Ponytail before.

We thought he would be apprehensive but he was not the least bit scared or nervous. He hopped right up into the chair. It helped that he could look at himself in the mirror, he is somewhat of a narcissist.

He, however, was not super thrilled with the shampoo. This was the face he pretty much kept the whole time.

As long as he was not near the shampoo bowl he was good though!

Technically this was the first snip. No I did not cry....much! ha...

He loved it!

Starting to take shape.

A whole lot of hair on the floor and not on my sons head.

Tommy proclaimed "He looks like Prince Valium". Which if you are not laughing hysterically right now and saying "Yes he really does" then what you don't know is that is a reference from "Space Balls".

Cute face to go with his new 'due.

Back ... after!

Thomas did a great job getting his hair chopped. I think he is as adorable as always. At first I thought he looked a little bit more like a girl than before but after a couple of weeks like this I am getting used to it.

Funny story:
We were leaving Lowe's the other day and a grandmotherly woman was complementing us on Mable, who was with us. The conversation went something like this:
grandmotherly figure: "you have a beautiful dog...and little girl"
mom and dad: "thank you"
Thomas: "I'm a BOY" ...walks away

I love kids.

Grandpa and Thomas

Thomas and Grandpa

Grandpa and Thomas doing a puzzle together. They had a little bit of help from Grandma who was watching over the whole process.

Playdough Time!

rrrrrr matey

Sweet boy laying on Grandpa's lap

Along with 57 cars Grandpa got Thomas a kite.

They had the best time flying it. It was pretty windy out so they were fairly successful.

A rare semi-smile picture of my Dad!

Thomas flying the kite on his own.

Grandpa and Thomas on the carousel.

Grandma and Thomas

Grandma reading Thomas a story before nap time.

I'm not sure what is going on here but he sure is enjoying it!

Love for Grandma before bed.

While in San Fran we saw this hat and had to get it for Thomas.

Even though it was one of the sunniest days we had had in a while it was still chilly by the water. We hat to get Grandma a second jacket! We kept her ears warm with a certain elephant!

And of course Mable had to try it on as well!

I'm just not sure who wore it best!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Muir Woods

We also took my parents to Muir Woods to see the Coastal Redwood trees.

A cross section of one of the gazillion year old trees.

A teaching moment with Dad.

A sitting on the bear moment with Mom.
Bear family picture.

Bears need love too.

Kind of reminds me of "Legends of the Fall".

If you look really closely (or have the original image) you can see a deer eating in the picture. There were three or four deers munching on leafy greens a mere 10 feet off the path.

They are massive.
You just do not realize how massive until you stand amongst them.

Mom and Thomas checking out a hollow stump.

Thomas and I are walking in this picture. TALL

Thomas checking out his surroundings.

Thomas must have learned something from Dad's previous tree ring lesson.

Reading his "Tallest Tree" book on the way home!

Grandma and Grandpa by the Bay

The last couple of weeks have been filled with visitors! My parents came in for a week and then Tommy's college roommate and Thomas' godfather Dan came in.

Grandma Paulette and Grandpa Aron came in and spoiled Thomas almost immediately with hugs and kisses! We took them to San Fran for our usual Saturday morning trip to the Ferry Building.

Thomas roped Grandpa into a carousel ride!

They got to see and hear the seals and sea lions at Pier 39.

and ride a cable car!

And see Alcatraz....from a far at least!

Dad and Thomas checking out the view too.

And of course see the Golden Gate bridge...again...from a far. We wouldn't want them getting too close to tourist sites!