Monday, May 30, 2011

First Haircut

Thomas had his first (real...not just bangs) haircut, I am sure you are all saying "finally"! I said from day one that we were not going to cut his hair until he asked. I had truly hoped that day would not come until he was 18 or so! He asked and we took him. It had been a little hard to deal with lately, I will admit.

Front before.
Gotta love that cheesy grin!

Back before.

Profile before.

Ponytail before.

We thought he would be apprehensive but he was not the least bit scared or nervous. He hopped right up into the chair. It helped that he could look at himself in the mirror, he is somewhat of a narcissist.

He, however, was not super thrilled with the shampoo. This was the face he pretty much kept the whole time.

As long as he was not near the shampoo bowl he was good though!

Technically this was the first snip. No I did not cry....much! ha...

He loved it!

Starting to take shape.

A whole lot of hair on the floor and not on my sons head.

Tommy proclaimed "He looks like Prince Valium". Which if you are not laughing hysterically right now and saying "Yes he really does" then what you don't know is that is a reference from "Space Balls".

Cute face to go with his new 'due.

Back ... after!

Thomas did a great job getting his hair chopped. I think he is as adorable as always. At first I thought he looked a little bit more like a girl than before but after a couple of weeks like this I am getting used to it.

Funny story:
We were leaving Lowe's the other day and a grandmotherly woman was complementing us on Mable, who was with us. The conversation went something like this:
grandmotherly figure: "you have a beautiful dog...and little girl"
mom and dad: "thank you"
Thomas: "I'm a BOY" ...walks away

I love kids.

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