Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas with Becky and Sidney

I think he might be ready to tear into some of those presents!

He just opened a super cool wooden giraffe from Becky and Sidney.

My cousin Becky and her husband Sidney spent a few days with us over Christmas. We enjoyed every minute...Thomas loved it too! He cuddled up on the couch with them both.

What you didn't want a kid in your lap? Well Thomas says "too bad"!

Thomas apparently loves aprons! I will post more apron pictures later, the gist of the story is he took my apron one day and asked to wear it. It is very flowery and girly and he wore and played with it for several days. For Christmas his Mere and Aunts got him a gingerbread apron. From the second he saw it he was asking "please" for us to put it on him. He didn't care if it was on the front or the back as long as it was on. In the above picture he backed into Sidney while asking him to put the apron on him.

Opening presents from Becky and Sidney.

A good shot of the apron, while playing with Becky.

Modeling his new jacket from Becky and Sidney.

Becky's turn for cuddling time!

Showing Becky how to play with the most annoying toy he own!

S.C. December trip

Thomas and I went to S.C. in early December for my Grandfather's funeral. Here are a few of the more happy memories from that trip. Above Thomas fell asleep on the car ride back to IN, while playing with the balloon Grandmama Maria gave him!

My godbaby Ashlyn and Thomas are going to start a band!

At lunch with sweet Ashlyn!

Can't believe our babies are getting so big!

Grandmama Maria teaching Thomas some flash cards.

Aunt Linda getting some love from Thomas.'s a sweater vest.

Thomas hanging out with cousin Robert.

Thomas and cousin Amy.

Playing with them both!

Monday, January 18, 2010


We took a trip to D.C. and Baltimore in early December to see Tommy's sisters and a few friends. Aunt Megan and Aunt Melanie watched Thomas while we went to a Redskins game with Steve and Jess. Above is Thomas eating his breakfast at Aunt Megan's desk...apparently he was very comfy! haha...

With Jess at the Donlon's house.

Mrs. Donlon gave Thomas a very sparkly Christmas bouncy ball, she was showing him how to use it in the picture.

Giving Steve a hug!

Trying to break a lovely bowl! Thank goodness he did not succeed.

At the Ravens' facility with Dad, Aunt Melanie and Aunt Megan. Thomas just finished his "touchdown"!


A little Reed!

Kisses from Aunt Megan!

Tommy, Thomas and my footprints in the snow. Can you guess which one is Tommy's...hint the camera almost wouldn't zoom out far enough to get it all in one shot!

They get to play with the kid, I get to play with Biscuit and Bruin.

Thomas thought he was a dog and spent half his time in the dog beds!

Coach Megan giving Thomas a workout at the indoor facility.

All smiles with Aunt Melanie.

Getting ready to get some lunch with Aunt Megan at work.

Aunt Megan feeding Thomas.


I guess he thinks it's time for the dogs to go for a walk.

Thomas trying to feed Aunt Megan.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


A few quick pictures from the present. If he wasn't a climber before he is now!!!

Mia says as long as you stop poking me in the eye I'm okay!

I swear he built it all by himself!! wink wink

Mommies new hair may be shorter than Thomas'!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thanksgiving with the McLaughlin's

Thanksgiving morning at Uncle Mike and Aunt Jenny's house. Thomas is doing the Thanksgiving Touchdown!!!

Hanging with the Freedman's after (his/during their) dinner!

This is Tommy on Thanksgiving night playing with the train Katie, Beth and Aunt Gerry got Thomas for his birthday. And an FYI Thomas didn't come home with us this night so Tommy was the first to play with it! haha...

Playing blocks with Mere and Mable.

Hanging out with PaPa.

He was so excited to have someone to lay on the floor with him!

We may have a future film maker on our hands! He LOVED looking on the screen at the people in the room.

Mere and Aunt Melanie taught him how to go down the stairs. He can now go up and down on his own very well. We have only had one stair issue and after a few minutes he was fine (mom...uhh...not so much)!

Aunt Melanie, Aunt Megan, Mere and Papa got Thomas a slide. He likes the slide but loved the box.

We had the box in our kitchen for almost a month and a half.

At some point the box became a barn where his horse lived...along with he and Aunt Melanie.

Mom stealing a kiss.

He did actually use and like the slide. It has been in the living room until a couple of days ago when he learned how to climb the steps. I need him to be a little more adept at it before I can leave him alone with it.

This was his first attempt at climbing UP the slide! That was discouraged quickly!

Pete was cracking Thomas up with a book they were playing with.

Thomas helping Pete open his birthday presents and learning what camels say!

Melanie may be the only adult that can fit in this rocking chair and Thomas was glad for that!

Another person to roll around on the floor with.

Thomas and Aunt Melanie are chatting with Aunt Megan on the computer.


They got him a really cool advent/nativity "LittlePeople" play set. He loved it and he can actually play with it, unlike the others we have.