Thursday, August 20, 2009

A few pictures from August

They both had to be close to their mom! The fun part is keeping Thomas from grabbing Mable and Mable from licking Thomas!

He is ready for football season! We decided we better go ahead and put his 12 month jersey on him now because we doubt it will fit much longer! He was 22.5lbs this last Tuesday!

Tommy reading my favorite book "Oh the Places You'll Go" to Thomas before bed.

Thomas apparently trying to kill Dad!

This is Tommy's latest project, a growth (chart) tree for Thomas. It has now been secured to a wall in Thomas' room but we haven't finished painting the numbers on it yet.

Thomas getting his first bite of corn on the cob!


Crazy hair! His hair is getting so long!

I am still not going to cut it until he makes me though.

Playing with a chair.

All "smiles" in his alligator shirt from Kira.

Tommy called this outfit his "70's look"!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Today's Theme: Falling Down

We purchased some more Ball jars today because we have massive amounts of cucumbers that need to be pickled. Thomas decided that they would be his new toy. This, in chronological order, is what happened when he was playing with those jars. Starting (above) with his attempt to stand on them.

Standing attempt did not work out so well...beginning of the decent.

Obviously he was not falling far and half his body was already on the ground. He on the other hand thought he had fallen from the top of the Sears Tower.
He made a b-line straight to Mom.

And cried until I picked him up. I think it is a little ironic that his outfit today read "Little Tough Guy"!!! hahaha...

He was fine as soon as I picked him up! Geez....what a baby!


Thomas vs. the Diaper Box

First off sorry for the delay in postings. We have been moving computers and finally have everything back up and functioning. So more postings to come shortly.

Thomas was playing the other day with one of diaper boxes and we had to share.

Don't worry he was fine. Never even made another peep.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thomas Laughing

Thomas and Dad were playing on the bed and having the best time. Not only does Thomas giggle almost the whole time but he shows everyone the real meaning of "No Fear Thomas". Sorry there are so many different Videos but I can only upload to a certain size.

Thomas having a good time on the bed part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

We are trying to get more videos on the site so I hope you enjoy them.

From Dad: I have to say this lil dude is a trip. He is so much fun to be around and we are so lucky to have him. Especially now that he knows how to interact and developing his own personality. It is really cool. He is starting to look only like his mom (except for the hugeness), which is neat. (Yeah I just wrote neat). The changes that he has made in a 9 month time frame is downright unbelievable. I am one of the luckiest people on earth to get to spend this time working from home. We love you all and are open to visits whenever anyone sees fit to make the journey northward.

Say goodbye to July

What a sad face. He has started trying to use this face to his advantage.

Silly Monkey!

Silly Monkey Tail!

Enjoying a few more minutes in Steve's lap before bedtime.

He is teething again. His top middle teeth are starting to come through.

A beautiful kid.

Apparently eating socks makes you sad!

Batman threw a temper tantrum because Mable wouldn't come inside. He literally laid flat on the floor and pounded his fists. I just couldn't help but laugh at him!

Batman to the rescue! Helping Pete fold his laundry...and by helping I mean turning over the basket.

Our largest zucchini yet! Remember Thomas is 31 inches tall now. We know you are not supposed to let them get this big...we just wanted to see how big it would get.

Loving his Dad!

Our neighbors Grace and Lilly came over for a visit this week. We had a lot of fun playing and decorating flower pots.

Thomas loved having people to play with.

Grace giving Thomas a hat!

Steve gets into the hat action! He is making the elephant sound as well.

Pete had to play too.

When we went to get Thomas up from his nap this morning this is how we found him.

I wonder how much longer before he figures out how to get completely out of the crib!