Tuesday, June 30, 2009

McLaughlin Family Visit

Great Grandma Betty holding Thomas. He enjoyed sitting with his Great Grandma but was really fascinated by a light on the wall!!!

I took this from Uncle Mike and Aunt Jenny's back porch. Super cool to see turkey's just hanging out in your back yard! Mable would have had a field day if we let her off the leash!

Lauren was getting ready to eat some french toast before work.
Mable and Sienna got along very well, although I think Sienna may have had more than enough kisses!

We think Thomas may already have a calling to the medical field. He tried his darndest to rip the IV out of Mama's hand. She just kept saying that it was okay, he wouldn't hurt her!!!

Cousin Beth and Thomas giving his "smile" face! The kid now makes that face whenever he see's the camera!!!

Aunt MaryBeth after her early morning tennis match!

Aunt Jenny walking Thomas around the back porch.

Alaina feeding Thomas!

We had a great time, as always, in Lawrenceburg and can't wait to go back, although hopefully next time for a better reason!

Monday, June 29, 2009

THOMAS 8 Months

Thomas the walrus!

He was being super sweet and laying with me.

He got stuck!

His new pool. We have yet to use it but it is ready to go!


Our friends Kira and Ryan let us borrow their baby girl, Mia's, jumper and he LOVES it! He bounces up and down and almost shakes the entire house!

This is his "smile" face. Whenever the camera comes out now he scrunches his whole face up...it is super cute!

His latest conquest...the fireplace. We didn't think the padding we used to cover the brick would actually lend a hand to him getting into the fireplace. We had to put the gate up so he couldn't pretend to be a log. Now he climbs up, uses the gate to stand and then shakes with all his might.

A jail break in progress.

A couple of deer visiting the neighborhood.

Hi mom!

This was one of his first attempts at pulling himself up...he is now and expert.

His latest mohawk. His hair is almost too long to stay up. Also if you look closely at his right cheek you can see his first bruise.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Since we have been home...

Now that Thomas is proficient at sitting up on his own we pulled out some bath toys (an army of rubber duckies...thank you cousin Becky!) for him to play with.

He has always enjoyed his baths but now having water fowl to chew on makes it that much better!

Tommy decided he was going to shave everything except for his "mustache". Luckily he had to go see customers the next day so he had to shave it off!
Upside down baby!

Thomas is super cute in his plaid shorts and polo from the Williams'. He is an avid crawler now. We had to finish baby proofing very quickly. He can also pull up to a stand on almost anything!

He can also feed himself a cracker/teething biscuit. He is not so good on chewing though!

Still one of Tommy's favorite games...pants on your head! I think he looks like a nun!

The only pair of 6 month clothing Thomas can still fit into and they are still HUGE!

This is what we spent last weekend doing. Digging and planting a garden that, square footage wise is bigger than our first apartment in Baton Rouge.

Our veggie garden. We planted bell peppers, roma & beefsteak tomatoes, jalapenos, cantaloupe, okra, squash, eggplant and zucchini.

Far side of the house.

This is the side of the house you can see when you drive up.

More pictures from our Louisiana trip to come!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


While we were in Louisiana we had Thomas' Baptisim. In the process he also received quite the shower from Father Harry!

Thomas loved all of the gifts friends and family got him...almost as much as the paper and ribbons they came in!!!

The entire McLaughlin family.

My family.

Godfather Dan received a special gift from Mere Debra, a book, "Dr. Dan the Bandage Man"!!!

Thomas tried his hardest to get to his cake.

This picture was taken later in the day, after he DID manage to snag some cake. He loved him some "cake fingers"!

This was his outfit. Thanks to Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Danny for the bib and of course to Eugenie for making it!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Trip to Louisiana

The entire family! Mr. Tom, Miss. Debra, Thomas, me, Megan, Bruin, Biscuit, Melanie, Mable and Tommy!

Biscuit and Bruin guarding the house from evil intruders!

Thomas with Uncle Danny!!! Thomas was REALLY tired!

Thomas LOVED the swing Mere and Papa put up for him!

Mable squeezed as best she could into the little dogs bed!

Aunt Megan and Thomas chasing Mable and Bruin around the yard.

Aunt Melanie and Logan reading the book Miss. Rita got to Thomas.

Pete went on the trip with us and had a great time!

Mable was super sneaky and some how got into a room she knows she wasn't supposed to be in!!!

Aunt Melanie feeding Thomas his nighttime bottle.

The siblings!

Daddy and Thomas!

Katie and Thomas.

Jane and Thomas.

Aunt Melanie trying to start a new trend!

Grandma Paulette with Thomas. My parents were able to come down for the baptisim.

Grandpa Aron letting Thomas play in Miss. Debra's fountain.

Mere feeding Thomas with Logan and Madeline as an audience.

Thomas being cheerful during the "fashion show"!

Fashion Show

More fashion show! His aunts got him sooooo many clothes....which is super nice because he is growing so fast we can hardly keep up!

Godfather Dan playing with Thomas on the floor.

Mere letting Thomas play with the wind chimes. He loved making "beautiful" music!

Walking with Papa Tom.

Helping Aunt Melanie with some house work.

Thomas enjoyed his first trip to the quarter and to Cafe' Du Monde.

Playing with Aunt Megan.