Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sailor Mon

It seems as though fall may finally be arriving here in Indiana. It was in the upper 40's this morning when we took Tommy to work so Thomas needed something warm. We found this pea coat in the closet and couldn't wait to put it on him! He is following in the footsteps of his Great-Grandpa Doil and Grandpa Aron wearing a pea coat as they both wore one in the Navy.

He was adorable in it! A big THANK YOU to Jim and Penny Arthur for this! I was still pregnant when this gift arrived and it was an 18 month size. I remember thinking "geez... I am going to have to wait forever to see this on him"! Not even a year later!!!

Mr. "I do my own stunts" and by stunts I mean fall to the ground a lot! Last night I was sitting on the floor with my legs in front of me and he was walking back and forth over them. He refused to step in between them...why you ask? Well, he was stepping on top of my legs on purpose just to fall down!

More wild life in our neighborhood. We have had a flock of geese the last few days.

I took Thomas out to see them one day and he waved at them. The kid still has a lot to learn! This same day our neighbor girls (Lilly and Grace) got off the bus while we were looking at the geese. They came up to the porch to say hi to Thomas and he gave them each a hug. This is not something we have been prompting him to do...he just did it all by himself and it was ADORABLE!

Monday, September 21, 2009

11 Months Today

Mable occasionally will take a short siesta under Thomas' crib! She is so sweet!

Thomas sharing his other thumb with Dad!

Notre Dame pride!

Can you believe this little man is 11 months old?! Neither can we!

He decided he wanted to be a photographer and tried to rip the camera from my grasp. Good thing my Dad taught me to always wear the strap!!!

My little cuddle bug!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rockin' Out

We have had this rocking chair sitting outside of Thomas' room since we moved into the house. He can now walk over to it, climb in and rock! Super cute!


Thomas got an unplanned bath yesterday (yeah poop!) and Mable decided she would oversee the entire process! Man I love that dog!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The MAC Family Visit

Uncle Mike, Aunt Jenny and cousin Alaina came up to Muncie to tour Ball State University on Friday. We were so glad to get to spend some time with them. This is the good picture....before....
Thomas started pulling his cousins hair! PERFECT!

Getting some kisses from Great Uncle Mike!

Playing with Alaina!

Hanging out with Aunt Jenny!

First Weekend of College Football

For the first Saturday of College Football we fried turkeys and had friends over! We had a good time with good food, good friends and good football!
Thomas' and Dad in their ND jerseys ready for the game!

Lilly, Grace and Thomas!

Thomas sat with Lilly on the couch for a while...he loved it!
My handsome guys!
Thomas giving Dad a big hug before Dad's big interview!
FYI...he got the job! Woo-Hoo!!!

Thomas on the official first day of College Football! Our Carolina Gamecocks got a win against NC State. Thomas rocked his Carolina jersey the whole day!

He is getting better and better at climbing up things. He isn't the greatest at getting down though. He is screaming in this picture because he can't get down!

My baby boy!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Janet's Visit

Our friend Janet came up for a visit a few weeks ago. Thomas loves having more than just Mommy and Daddy around to play with!

Mable also loves to have guests!

Janet and Thomas playing with Rumer the frog.

While Janet was here we also had our Fantasy Football draft. Steve and Jess also came down for the occasion. Ryan and Pete, who live in town, came over as well.

Mable's D.O.C. bear behind bars!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Notre Dame trip

We recently went up to Notre Dame to see the LSU Volleyball team play in the Shamrock Tournament. We also got to spend time with our friends Steve and Jess before they moved. The above picture is in front of the ND Administration Building. This was Thomas' first trip on the ND campus.

A few of my co-workers from LSU! Geaux Tigers!

Thomas has recently learned to do the touchdown signal! He was showing it off in front of "Touchdown Jesus"!

Dad and Thomas sitting on campus.

Thomas giggling like mad!

Each trip we come to ND we have to come to this spot, which is my second favorite spot on campus. We took our engagement pictures here. Thomas is again showing his touchdown skills.

TOUCHDOWN! Hopefully he will be doing this a lot this football season!

A statue on campus, "Jump Momma Jump". Beautiful with spider webs.

Thomas' first trip to the grotto. By the way he is walking all over the place now!

He helped me light a candle.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Thomas is squealing with delight to say

Thursday, September 3, 2009


A big Happy 3rd Birthday to our god daughter
Ashlyn Ryan
We love you and miss you very much!

More August

A beautiful sunset from our back door.

A stick bug (pretty sure that is not the scientific name)! Can you find it? I had never seen one in real life...it was COOL! It scared Mable to death....she jumped about two feet in the air when it moved.

Thomas is doing a lot more walking on his own these days. He gets so excited that he is doing it he has a huge smile on his face. When he falls Tommy and I started clapping so he wouldn't think it was a bad thing. Well...that may not have been the best idea. Now Thomas will stand up and take like three steps, sit down and clap! It is super cute though!

I am watching a friend's baby girl, Mia, a couple days a week and so far Thomas has had fun with her.

Poker face!

Fun with shutter speed! This is actually the moon.

Laying with Mommy.

Wearing Daddy's hat.

The "combover"!

You see that smile? That is a "I just did something wrong..hehe" smile! He pushed a toy over to the chair and used it to climb onto the chair. Then he proceeded to take about 50 wipes out of the container and spread them all of the chair! FUN!

Thomas, Tommy and baby Mia.

I got him up one morning and was changing him...didn't even notice he had THREE pacifiers (which he only uses when sleeping). I am not really sure how he got all three!