Monday, May 23, 2011

Muir Woods

We also took my parents to Muir Woods to see the Coastal Redwood trees.

A cross section of one of the gazillion year old trees.

A teaching moment with Dad.

A sitting on the bear moment with Mom.
Bear family picture.

Bears need love too.

Kind of reminds me of "Legends of the Fall".

If you look really closely (or have the original image) you can see a deer eating in the picture. There were three or four deers munching on leafy greens a mere 10 feet off the path.

They are massive.
You just do not realize how massive until you stand amongst them.

Mom and Thomas checking out a hollow stump.

Thomas and I are walking in this picture. TALL

Thomas checking out his surroundings.

Thomas must have learned something from Dad's previous tree ring lesson.

Reading his "Tallest Tree" book on the way home!

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