Thursday, May 14, 2009

A whirlwind Tuesday!

Tuesday was a whirlwind trip to Columbia! First we went to visit Vickie and Rita at USC, we also saw Patrick...who we had dinner with later! Thomas made himself at home on the floor in the office! He also "helped" Vickie with her work...and by "helped" I mean banged on her keyboard until the thing almost blew-up!!! I enjoyed getting to visit with Rita and Vickie both and to see the changes to the stadium first hand!!!

Then we went to lunch with my cousin Graham and his girlfriend Paige! I hadn't seen them in several years so it was awesome...I think Thomas enjoyed himself too!

For dinner we went to Beth and Patrick's house, or maybe I should say Charlotte's house, for dinner! I have not seen Charlotte since she was just a few days old! She has grown into a super cute and talkative little one!

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