Saturday, September 5, 2009

Notre Dame trip

We recently went up to Notre Dame to see the LSU Volleyball team play in the Shamrock Tournament. We also got to spend time with our friends Steve and Jess before they moved. The above picture is in front of the ND Administration Building. This was Thomas' first trip on the ND campus.

A few of my co-workers from LSU! Geaux Tigers!

Thomas has recently learned to do the touchdown signal! He was showing it off in front of "Touchdown Jesus"!

Dad and Thomas sitting on campus.

Thomas giggling like mad!

Each trip we come to ND we have to come to this spot, which is my second favorite spot on campus. We took our engagement pictures here. Thomas is again showing his touchdown skills.

TOUCHDOWN! Hopefully he will be doing this a lot this football season!

A statue on campus, "Jump Momma Jump". Beautiful with spider webs.

Thomas' first trip to the grotto. By the way he is walking all over the place now!

He helped me light a candle.

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