Monday, August 23, 2010

Life's a Beach

Our time in S.C. started with a stay overnight in Ashville with our Cousins Sidney and Becky. Unfortunately I failed to take a single picture. We stayed with them later and I took several pictures then! Then we were off to Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Grandpa and Thomas. I think that might be one of the only pictures I have of Grandpa Aron smiling...ever.

Grandma and Grandpa took Thomas and I to the beach! Thomas enjoyed playing in the sand and in buckets of water.

But he refused to get much closer than about 50 yards to the actual ocean!

On the second day he did get about 20 yards closer. I did carry him down to the water and put his feet in. I think the lifeguard thought I was trying to drown know the screams and all! He wasn't really that bad, he just did not want to go into the water.

He did however love the pier.
He loved being under it.

And on top.
Here Grandpa and Thomas are looking back at Grandma on the beach.

He may be scared of the water but he was not the least bit scared of this giant fish. He went straight for it and touched it, it is fake by the way.

Thomas and Mommy on the beach.

Look at the curls. Just add gallons of humidity and there you go!

Grandma, Grandpa and Thomas...making it easy on Grandma!
We went to Huntington, which is a state park, to look for alligators in the marsh.

They had the water low so we didn't see any.

Covered in sand again! He loved the sand!

I normally would not include a picture of myself in a bathing suit but this one is just priceless. I was just making a "it's a thousand degrees out here" face and HONESTLY had no idea the six-packed teenager in a bikini was behind me.

Although if I had known she was back there I may have made the same face!

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hastalapasta said...

Ok Thomas is adorable and it's always great to see your parents, however - Your face with the sixpack chick behind you is the funniest thing I've seen months!