Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whispering Pines Horse Stable

Thomas and I joined a "Mommy & Me" group and today they had a visit to a local horse stable. He really enjoyed it! I thought that he would be scared of the horses...boy was I wrong! He went straight up to them, no problem. Here he is riding Hans the horse. He only asked for Mommy once and then he was good.
It was a great excuse to wear his cowboy boots...which he got a ton of compliments on!

This is Sweet William or Willie.
Thomas got a complete 360 degree tour of Willie and even got to feed him a cookie.

Here he got to watch a horse being shoed.
Mommy thought this was very interesting!

A hay bale tunnel! Boy did the kiddos like this!!!

They even had a station set up to let the kids make hats. He put a horse, TV, a horseshoe and some flowers on his hat.

Eating a cookie and wearing his hat.

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Michelle said...

How fun! Reese wants to take horseback riding lessons so bad!