Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Crafts

As it is almost Halloween we have been working on some Halloween themed crafts.
Here he is gluing pom poms onto some scary shaped cards.
I can not get his nose to stop running! It's bordering on gross...ALL THE TIME!

After we glued pom poms on some cards he stuck some Halloween themed stickers on others.

So....if you get one in the mail please remember that Thomas did these! My artistic talents really are not much better, only a tiny bit but still!

Aunt Megan and Aunt Melanie sent a bunch of "school" stuff to play with (and the Halloween stickers). We have been having lots of fun playing with their pile of stuff. He colored this witch and then attached the nose.

An artistic jack-o-lantern...he obviously favored one eye more than the other!

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