Monday, November 1, 2010

Grandma, Grandpa and Grandmama Visit

My parents and Grandma came in for Thomas' birthday party and for a few days after. Thomas enjoyed his time with them and was very lovable!

I think Grandma Paulette might be tickling him!

We had a day of very high winds and a couple bad storms, one that set the tornado sirens off! We only had to spend a few minutes in the closet!

Grandmama Maria, Grandma Paulette, Thomas and I were in one closet, while Grandpa Aron and Tommy were in another. Thomas did very well. I think he heard the sirens first, he thought they were firetrucks.

Our little rock star.

Grandpa saying "cheese".

Playing the piano with Grandpa.

Mable trying to convince Grandmama that she never gets any love, ever!

Grandmama rubbing Thomas' back. She would stop and he would go away for a minute then come back and back into her hand again.


Sweet, sweet kisses.

Grandmama sharing her muffin with Mia and Thomas. They had both just finished their breakfast and somehow they still convinced her I never fed them!

Drawing in the bathtub with his new tub crayons!

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