Monday, May 16, 2011

Pool party of two

I know our Indiana friends are not going to want to read this, but it was well into the 80's here the other day. Warm enough in fact to head to the pool. Which they say is heated when in fact it really is not...or maybe it is and I am just old now and all pools are cold. Anyway...I took Thomas.
You may remember the last few times the kid went swimming he didn't like it so much. I questioned picking up ear plugs at the same time I picked up swim diapers. Luckily, we only needed one of the items, although I will be glad when we don't need those too.

Thomas did great! It took him a few tries testing the waters before he actually got off the top step. He loved climbing in and out using the ladder. By the end of our swim he was jumping off the side of the pool and trying to drown his mom in the 5' deep end!

We were lucky Dad could snap a few pictures in between meetings. Thomas can't wait for his Dad to go swimming with him. I hope we don't see another mid-80's day all year...I like these high 60's low 70's. What? I'm not rubbing it in am I?!!!

Potty Update:
He asked to sit on it twice last week.
Nothing happened.
But he still sat there.
and yes, he is sitting backwards.
I heard it helps with the whole "splash" issue (ewww).
and yes, that is a towel wrapped around the toilet (ewww).
apparently his little legs get cold.

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