Sunday, January 30, 2011

First trip to San Francisco

When I saved this picture I saved it as "sick of the kid"! Poor Mable really is getting harrassed a lot these days! No matter how much she takes she is still waits by his door for him to wake up pretty much every morning.
She misses her yard and being able to go in and out as she pleases but other than that she is doing great. She was quite a bit scared of heights for the first week or so. She loves the balcony now and will lay out there all afternoon if it is sunny.

These are pictures from our very first trip into San Francisco. These were suppossed to be Christmas card pictures but as it is almost February I am guessing that isn't going to happen! This picture is at the Ferry Building with the Bay Bridge in the background. The Ferry Building has an amazing farmer's market (at least for our standards) every weekend. Yummy fruit, veggies, cheese, bread and meat around every corner. I keep hearing it described as a "foodies" place. I can't agree more!

Thomas and I outside of Yerba Buena and the W Hotel, with some very cool art. Tommy's office is just across the street from both of these things.

See...this would have been the perfect Christmas card picture!

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