Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Thomas' gymnastics class ended a couple of weeks ago. Here are some pictures I took on the last day of class. He really enjoyed the class! He learned how to jump during the class and now wants to jump off of everything, he does not seem to care if it is 6 feet or 3 inches off of the ground!

He learned how to do several rolls. A forward roll, that he is demonstrating above, a straddle roll, log roll and a backwards roll.

Here the teacher is pushing this thing fast across the floor and Thomas is basically doing a flip in the middle. Possibly the favorite activity the entire class!

Demonstrating his backward roll, he kicks his feet up and over all by himself.

Thomas showing Daddy how he "surfs", a great balancing activity.

When he started this class he was incredibly afraid of the parachute. Each time the teacher brought it out he was a bit less timid. By the end of the class he was finally enjoying it and asking for it! He is now in a Kindermusik class and really enjoying that one too, he loves music.


Michelle said...

How fun! My girls started Gymnastics at this age and Kaylie is still involved at 8. Looks like he really enjoys it!

MacLeague said...

He did like it a lot! It is my favorite sport so I was glad he wanted to do it.