Friday, April 22, 2011

Tents and Cuteness

The kid is officially two and a half. I like him more every day!
He really is a lot of fun these days and pretty cute too!

These are the pictures of Tent/Movie night, a great idea by Daddy! Thomas loved watching and helping build the tent. It sort of felt like Morroco inside it.

His hair is really long now!
We will be getting it cut sometime soon...not too short though!

Playing cowboys, Indians and army men in his rice sensory bucket.
I love how he lined up the teepees.

This is his new favorite photo pose. Cup up and in his face.
Really makes for an excellent picture, ha!

Thomas and Daddy playing. Daddy was "Cat in the Hat".

Boy is he cute!

Seeing how far he can push the ottoman out before he falls!

Cat in the Pirate hat Dad!

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