Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hoppy Easter from the cutest bunny ever!

Tommy, aka the easter bunny, hiding eggs the night before. We had fun doing this, so much fun we forgot to count how many eggs we hid and ended up forgetting where one was hidden. Luckily, Thomas is clever and found it...late Sunday afternoon.

A couple of the cleverly hidden (for a 2.5 year old) eggs.

The Easter bunny even left a nibbled carrot.

Nibbling the carrot!

One of my favorite traditions from Tommy's childhood, hiding the Easter basket. Can you find it?

Finding the hidden eggs. He made the "O" face every time he found another egg. We video taped most of the hunting!

Our neighbor Miss. Wendy left us a little Easter present, she is very sweet.

A real slinky!

The overly stuffed Easter basket!
(spoiled much?)

The most adorable sucker ever!
I think that he would give up his "moose" for this in a second.

The puddles of drool from the above sucker.

Lets just say we limited use of the sucker!

Reading one of his new books with Mom.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.
We love and miss all of our family and friends!

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Lauren said...

love this blog! i laughed out loud at Tommy Mac nibbling the carrot! That's such a great idea! And the hiding the easter baskets must be a mclaughlin thing because we do it too!