Saturday, January 10, 2009

LET IT SNOW (and ice) LET IT SNOW (and ice) LET IT SNOW...(and ice)

Today was a typical Indiana winter and snow! We had more ice than snow, but it did snow in the afternoon a little bit. Pete's Mom, Miss. Milas, got Thomas a super warm snow suit and with this afternoon's snow we decided to put it to good use. Tommy, Thomas, Mable and I all went out and played for a minute in the snow! The above picture is what happened when we told Mable it was time to go inside...she sat down and wouldn't budge! She has been hilarious during her walks with the ice...she has been a not so graceful ice skater!

Tommy and Thomas chasing Mable around the front yard. Not 3 seconds after this picture Mable turned the corner and spun out on the ice. The yard isn't slick, just the driveway and street, so Tommy and Thomas were not in danger of falling.

Tommy, Thomas and Mable!

Mom and Thomas nice and cozy in the latest winter wear!

We hope your Saturday was as good as ours!

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