Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Event

Well we got some snow...about 10 inches. Apparently this was the 6th biggest snow dropping storm in Indianapolis history. We are about an hour north of Indy and tend to get a little more snow so it wasn't too too big, but Indy got around 13 inches. The above picture is from Tuesday night before the heavy snow fell.

This is after!

This is a fire hydrant on our street. For some more perspective the top of the mailbox comes to my shoulder. The city came and plowed our street around 2pm, I guess a street with only two houses is not top priority! It was okay though, we didn't really have any where to go any way.

The snow ended around noon and we had beautiful sunny blue skies for the rest of the afternoon. This is taken just as the sun was setting.

Pete and Mable playing in the snow. Tommy, Pete and our neighbor Jeff spent a good hour or so shoveling the driveways...and then the plow came and they had to do part of it again!

Mable stayed out with the guys almost the whole time they were shoveling. She would run through the snow and at times you could only see her head above the snow! She has also added snow to her diet!

And...just a couple of pictures of Thomas...because he's cute! Thomas is wearing his "Mable" bib in this one.

He thought he wanted to help with the laundry!

We were super lucky to have only gotten snow with this storm. Our thoughts are with those that got all of the ice. We went through a terrible ice storm the last time we lived in Muncie and they are not fun!

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