Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Little Man

Thomas has been super fun this week...and it's only Tuesday! He is smiling more, giggling a little and this afternoon he made a "sppppttt" sound! hmmm....life as a parent...no longer excited about the big project you just finished at work...excited about sounds that you can't even spell!

He requires a bib almost all the time now...I hate it! They just annoy me, I can't explain exactly why I don't like it though! Well I guess for one...why do they make super cute outfits to just get covered up by bibs. I don't really care if he gets slober on his clothes but when that slober is running at super high volumes you have to have the bib. At least they make cute bibs too!

Daddy makes tummy time SOOOO much more fun!

Thanks to Miss. Marian Oleksik for this outfit! He looked like a little man in it!

Wearing Daddy's hat!

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